Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Trip back home

For our annual trip back to Australia, we always book air tickets way in advance…when Air Asia are doing early specials. It means a good saving and while its longer and not as convenient as direct flight to Sydney, the run to Gold Coast, then onward with Virgin or Jetstar to Sydney is worth doing for the savings involved. As we always visit family in Brisbane flying out of Gold Coast is not such a hassle….except transport Brisbane to Gold Coast is a joke.
So our friend drove us to KL Sentral, there skybus to LCCT (another joke), plane to Gold Coast, plane onto Sydney, pay A$10 just to get onto the train platform (another joke) then A$2.50 seniors ticket to Campbelltown, then diesel 2 carriage loco to the wilds of the Southern Highlands, then a 1km walk in the rain with backpacks to mothers house.

Mother is not there, so we let ourselves in and do a cleanup before picking mother up next day. At 94 she is not as mobile as once was and has been in respite.
Its autumn and I don’t like cold, but KC does and there were plenty of jobs to keep me warm….
Walk the dog….

Mow the grass….

Rake the leaves…..

Play with the dog……

…and long walks.

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