Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ideal for Houseboats

Lake Temengor in the state of Perak, Malaysia is absolutely ideal for houseboats.

Situated on the East/West Highway from Gerik to East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, it is close to the Royal Belum National Park. Famous for its swimming elephants, the Lake is over 75 km long with a great many islands, bays and streams.
Map picture

The waters are deep and clear, surrounded by pristine jungle, home to Orang Asli tribes and sporting fish such as Toman, Sebarau, Tenggalan, Baung and Kelah.

Visit Belum Eco Resort on “Discovery Island”for a meal and chat with very informative staff.

Currently in the final stages of design and construction, BelumBred Houseboats will soon be available for sale or hire for getaways to this wonderful venue. The houseboats  are being designed to have minimal impact on the environment so as to keep this spectacular lake in its unspoilt condition.


  1. Wah Phil......that is very good sales talk! Wait till you see the beauty of Kenyir.Also got duty free shop at Kenyir so cheap beer is available.


  2. So this is the reputable Belum Eco Resort I read about somewhere. Indeed looks so pristine and really unspoilt. Great pics. Wish there are pics of elephants swimming. :-)