Friday, February 19, 2010


Early January 2010 we had decided to use a week of our holiday club time share in Langkawi with 2 friends Winnie and Irene.

We left Kuala Lumpur KL Sentral together on the Langkawi Express and had a good trip to Alor Setar where we got off to taxi to Kuala Kedah. Then the ferry to Kuah. All went well with minimal hold up, but enough time for lunch before the ferry left.

Once in Kuah , we got a taxi to our hotel Perdana Beach Resort. There are 3 Perdana resorts and naturally we picked the wrong one at first. But never mind once installed into our 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment we were ready to party. The apartment I must say was better than expected, clean and all staff very helpful.

We walked to nearby kampungs sampling food and drinks, (especially ice kajang) and liked the area as being quiet and picturesque. Later however we enlisted the help of the hotel to secure a old banger hire car. We got it for RM 60 per day (in fact it was RM50 and the reception took 10). However the cheapest we could find ourselves was RM70 a day so really it was a win/win all round.

We climbed the mountain past the 7 wells and waterfall. visited the SW resorts around Cenang, the black sands beach and a real highlight Mt Raya with its spectacular views, where most of the 99 islands of langkawi can be seen.

Pictures. Try the slide show at

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